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Microsoft announces CDM enabled Fundraising and Engagement is honored to be a launch partner for Microsoft Tech for Social Impact’s Fundraising and Engagement Solution. Our hat is off to the TSI, MissionCRM, partner and stakeholder community that made the release of this next generation fundraising and engagement technology a reality.

To share some perspective on why we’re excited to be part of this movement, we'd like to point out a few things that stand out about F&E and make it, in our opinion, worth considering if you’re planning on migrating to a new platform.

First, F&E’s foundational layer is the sector defined common data model for nonprofits – which means you’ll have built in interoperability from day 1 with any solution aligned to the CDM – like grants management from Avanade, volunteer engagement from Wipfli or program delivery from us at threshold.

Second, the team delivered an elegant constituent model that enables the lowest data weight and complexity we've seen for combined individual, household and organizational giving. This will be a game changer for organizations with significant recurring individual donors.

Equally important, Microsoft is a partner first company, which means you’ll get the best Microsoft Tech for Social Impact has to offer coupled with the expertise of the global partner community, with no friction.

And finally, Fundraising and Engagement is built for the fundraising of the future - where your nonprofit is going to operate in a multi-platform world with required data continuity across every tool from the front to back office. With out of the box processes being handled in Azure, we are starting to see the true power of the Microsoft stack.

If we can be of service to your organization and its constituents as you evolve your fundraising and engagement capacity, please feel free to reach out. We’d welcome the opportunity.

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