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New COVID-19 Voice Screener app by reduces infection risk by using voice technology

It was probably late January this year when a new word entered our consciousness. Now, 6 mont

hs later, Coronavirus has been dominating our news, home life, work life, relationships. And that’s for those of us who have escaped it’s more dire, direct effects. I’ve watched closely as the world has stopped or slowed to a crawl in so many areas of life to deal with this newfound and invisible threat.

At our mission is to accelerate change through technology. I’m proud to say that our talented team has partnered with Microsoft to create a helpful solution for COVID-19 screeners around the world.

We’ve developed COVID-19 Voice Screener for critical front-line workers conducting in-person COVID-19 screenings. The application speaks screening questions and records then converts screening answers to text, enabling a single screener to quickly and securely screen individuals for COVID-19 while maintaining physical distance, and making secure screening data accessible in real time to collaborators and health agencies charged with making decisions that affect public health.

The COVID-19 Voice Screener is a PowerApp built on the Microsoft Common Data Service. All data is stored securely in Microsoft and can be connected to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator or Healthcare Accelerator. The app is currently available on AppSource in English. Contact us at for inquiries.

With humility and gratitude to all frontline health workers,

Dan & the thresholders

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