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2020 NetHope Recap & Plenary Talk

This year, we were honored to again be a Platinum Sponsor of the NetHope Global Summit. This event is hands-down our favorite convening of nonprofit and tech for social impact minds and organizations. 

Our thanks and congratulations to the NetHope team who succeeded in doubling attendance to over 1500 while moving 2020’s Summit from Berlin to virtual due to COVID-19 and coordinating broadcast locations all over the world for 300+ presenters.

This year’s NetHope Summit was a threshold moment. We launched a waitlist for - our program design and storytelling platform for nonprofit program teams. We renewed our commitment to contributing to the Common Data Model for Nonprofits and data ethics. Dan Lammot presented the need for a reimagining program design technology, stating “The status quo of technology in the nuanced, mission critical world of nonprofit program delivery has to end.” And we shared our goal to partner with nonprofits to tell 1 billion stories. 

See his full talk here and be sure to check out NetHope and their Center for the Digital Nonprofit.  

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