[thresh·older | \ ˈthresh-ˌhōld-er] noun

1: A person who occupies the threshold between places or statuses.

2: A person who is restless about the state of the world and fiercely committed to challenging conventional ‘wisdom’ to create solutions of consequence that deliver and evolve a new generation of impact technology that solve humanity’s most pressing issues.

our story is just beginning

Nonprofits have made heroic progress leading society towards ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring all people enjoy peace and prosperity. But we are still far from achieving a whole of society approach that places purpose on par with profit. Legacy technology has created a nonprofit digital divide that perpetuates the status quo. We believe the world is at a threshold moment. 

This is why we are building new, global platforms and services fueled by trust. This is why we partner with Microsoft, the industry leader in data responsibility. This is why we contributed to building an open data foundation, the Common Data Model for Nonprofits. This is why we are building technology that gives nonprofit program teams more time to listen, engage, and elevate beneficiary voices. 

And this is why we're inviting you to join us on this journey. We're committing our lives to accelerating positive social outcomes with technology. We consider it an honor to serve nonprofits around the globe. Our story is just beginning. 

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to promote prosperity and protect the planet for all people and species that call Earth home. When each thresholder joins the team, they are assigned an SDG that they represent for all thresholders. 

our values


meet the team

Lina Pérez

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

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Dan Lammot

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Adina Fudym

User Research

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Maureen Kearns

Strategic Partnerships

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Paul Gallagher

Account & Partner Engagement

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Alex Castner

Chief Technology Officer

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Sydney Nagorsky


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John Browne

Dynamics Developer

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Jack Crawford


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Kosal Sen


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Alexandra Robinson

Market Strategy & Data Ethics

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Spencer Berg


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Jon Wise


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Victoria Ruffo


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