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CDM strategic consulting is an expert in the Power Platform and CDM for Nonprofits because we have been honored to contribute to it since it's inception. 

We know how to build Power Platform solutions aligned to the CDM and ensure customers and partners' architectures get the best the CDM has to offer. 

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Better understand supporters and provide targeted engagement with a 360° view of constituents including preferences, household information, employment/education history and affiliations. Increase donor loyalty and lifetime giving by understanding and addressing funder priorities down to program activities. Enable fundraisers to respond to organizational and program needs.


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Empower nonprofit staff to spend more time on impactful work by automating business processes. From faster monthly recurring gift management to data processing and imports driven by Azure, move from reactive to strategic.


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Enable fundraisers and financial managers to benefit from common donation, revenue, and transaction management. Eliminate the need for complex fundraising and financial reconciliation by leveraging fundraising and ERP solutions built on the Microsoft Platform that leverage the Common Data Model for Nonprofits. Get an immediate view of donations and cash flow, gain insight into fundraising efforts, and focus dollars mid-campaign where nonprofits can have the greatest results. Nonprofits will also have a real-time view of the impact per dollar spent that nonprofit staff can communicate to funders at any time, so they can see the results of the programs and services their donations are funding.


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The CDM for Nonprofits launched in 2018 to connect data across the entire nonprofit enterprise, from donations to outcomes. While the model itself is elegant, more important is the movement it has initiated. Over the past two years dozens of committed industry stakeholders have invested in interoperable solutions that decrease the time and cost of adoption, unlock the value of integrated data and enable nonprofits to do what the world needs them to do - deliver more effectively on their missions. 

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