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Microsoft announces new AI capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Author: Dan Lammot, CEO & Co-founder

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Today, Microsoft announced new AI capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. and a renewed commitment to working closely with nonprofits and partners, like, "to develop AI capabilities that help nonprofits address the biggest challenges they face while building their capacity for greater success in the future."

The confluence of widespread economic uncertainty and rapid technological change has made this a particularly challenging moment for nonprofits... nonprofits are scrambling to sustain their level of impact with shrinking budgets. Meanwhile, even as technology enters a brand-new era of AI-driven change, many nonprofits struggle with outdated technology that impacts their ability to engage with donors and volunteers and deliver effective programs and services to constituents.

Justin Spelhaug, Vice President, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies

This is why is partnering with Microsoft Tech for Social Impact to leverage technology to enable all nonprofits to do more good. Our mutual commitment to learning from and partnering with nonprofits and the ecosystem is accelerating nonprofits' ability to connect fundraising to outcomes.

Key innovations shared by Microsoft in fundraising and marketing include:

  1. Optimize fundraising insights to action with the new Fundraising performance dashboard that offers up-to-date interactive views of campaign performance, donor conversion, and other fundraising analytics using real time data, all built on Power BI’s industry-leading data visualization platform.

  2. Increase digital engagement and streamline acknowledgements, newsletters, and outreach with plain language queries in Dynamics 365 Marketing that

  3. Understand and act upon donor inclination with an AI-powered donor propensity model in private preview that leverages your own data to determine who is most likely to donate.

  4. Improve fundraiser engagement by bringing Microsoft Viva Sales AI Copilot capabilities into Fundraising & Engagement to automate communications and generate personalized communications, reminders, and recommendations.

  5. Increase fundraiser capacity with AI and open-source tools available in the Innovation Hub GitHub repository, including one we are especially proud to have contributed to an OpenAI solution called the "Fundraising Proposal Assistant" that allows fundraisers to generate draft fundraising proposal emails with the click of a button so they can spend more time engaging constituents.

Learn more, get started, or watch a demo video of Microsoft's nonprofit solutions on the Fundraising & Engagement page here.

And stay tuned! Over the coming weeks we'll announce our evolved service offerings aligned with this release, share impact stories of our recent customer partnerships, as well as how we're innovating with Open AI in to empower nonprofit and social impact program teams to accelerate program design, impact measurement, and storytelling.

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