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Search, Unit4, Oxfam International and others partner for Humentum Webinar is excited to partner with Unit4, Oxfam International and others on an upcoming Humentum webinar: Demystifying the Common Data Model for Nonprofits. This topic is one of our highest priorities as a company. We believe it's a key part of contributing to a world where nonprofits can achieve more when they have access to connected, cohesi

ve technologies to power their missions.

Here's the Humentum Webinar Description:

Research shows that leading nonprofits are more likely to target the modernization of business systems as a key initiative and priority than those who are struggling. With the movement to the cloud and modernization at the top of everyone’s priority list, the task of implementing, integrating, and adopting new systems can be daunting.

The Common Data Model aims to take some of the stress out of it to help nonprofits gain actionable data from across the organization. A collaboration between Microsoft Tech for Social Impact, Nethope members, and supporting technology vendors, the model defines a common data framework for developing solutions for the nonprofit industry so that any compliant technology will be much more seamlessly interoperable, helping nonprofits build technology ecosystems that fit their needs instead of requiring customization and complicated integration that takes time and resources better used in service of your mission. Think apps on your smartphone that talk to one another and give you what you need when you need it. Join Industry Partner Unit4 and Threshold.World to learn more about the project’s progress and roadmap, and discuss real-world examples, such as Frontline Humanitarian Logistics, of how this will help you work smarter and deliver more impact.

Jeroen Figee, Unit4’s Industries Product Direct said it well in his blog post….

Imagine how much administrative and compliance overhead you could eliminate with a connection like this between CRM and fundraising systems and your ERP to seamlessly share data on funder disbursements, restrictions, and payment receipts to your general ledger for financial reporting. Not only does seamless integration mean time savings because information flows automatically, but it also means you can see the impacts felt in one department on others more readily. For example, fluctuating revenue streams from COVID, or hiring or real estate needs, or the opportunity to ask funders to reduce grant restrictions. Up to the minute insights mean you can see opportunities and challenges and act on them more quickly than if you had to wait for data synching or reporting cycles

If you’re interested in learning more please register here.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming webinar series on the CDM for Nonprofits starting in March, 2021.

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